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Welcome to AXS Multi-Day road tours and Atlas Mountain High Altitude Cycling Camps. We have designed tours and a camp that we think you the cyclist will enjoy. Whether you’re riding 20K per day or 200K per day we have something for you. We pride ourselves in making sure cycling here in Marrakech is exquisite. Giant Bicycles has provided over 40 years of technology, the magical city of Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains have provided the scenery and we here at AXS will do our best to provide the service. Join us here, whether it’s one of the tours we have provided or it’s something you’d like to customize, let us know. Ride Life Ride with AXS in Marrakech. Try out one of our Propels or one of our versatile, any road, Revolts specifically for our on road touring. Click on Giant’s technology logos for more bike science on our road fleet.


The Marrakech Atlas Etape Charity Cycling Package.

The Marrakech Atlas Etape Cycling Package has an incredible beginning. Mike McHugo founder of Kasbah Toubkal, Education For All and other great ventures contacted Saif of AXS with his idea of a cycling sportive that benefits Education For All. AXS was going to start doing cycling sportives so a friendship started. Soon after that the Marrakech Atlas Etape was formed. Saif, Mike and others put forth an effort to grow this event……After a couple of years of hard work and fine tuning the Marrakech Atlas Etape has grown for enriching lives in so many ways. It was featured in the UK’s telegraph as one of the six best cycling sportives of 2015. Click here for article.  It’s something Mike and Saif are proud of and it’s awesome. Join us for The Day or join us for the 3, 4, or 7 night cycling holiday in support of Education for All. Held every year the last Sunday of April. Join us for a lifetime experience.

Rates and other key information Option 1—If you are … Arriving on Friday leaving on Monday 680 € for the 3 Nights / 4 Days 160 € for single supplement 

Option 2 if you are … Arriving Friday and Leaving on Tues 1160 € For the 4 nights / 5 days—including the MAE ride 230 € for single supplement (above prices based on shared room) Same schedule as above dropping at airport on Tuesday 

Option 3 if you are … Arriving Friday and leaving the following Friday 1950 € for the 7 nights /8 days—including the MAE ride 400 € for single supplement (above prices based on shared room) * Includes bike hire, helmet, hotels, meals, transport, support vehicle and fluids and is based on shared accommodation. If you’d like to bring your own pedals or seat we will fit it for you.

Make Your reservation now— contact: info@argansports.com

Click here for more information. PDF of MAE Cycling Package 2015

Photo of a group of AXS riders with the snow covered Atlas Mountains behind
Picture of girl students together with Argan Sports bike riders who contributed to their education


The Atlantic Atlas Loop

The Atlantic Atlas Loop is a great way to see the varied landscapes of the Moroccan countryside. You will experience the Atlantic Coast, Atlas Mountains and even some Moroccan desert. On this 7 day 600+kilometers excursion, you will immerse yourself into Moroccan food and culture. What better way to see the beautiful country of Morocco. Accomplish what few will do, but many will admire. Join us on this adventurous cycle tour!

Option 1— 7 days fully guided and supported by a vehicle and driver that will be available at all times. 2,150EURO per person on single room basis
Option 2—7 days without guide but supported by a vehicle and driver who is available at all times. 1600EURO per person on single room basis

Click Here for PDF of The Atlantic Atlas 7 Day Loop

Boats in the Harbor in Essaoura


Peaks and Valley's of the High Atlas

The Peaks and Valley’s of the High Atlas is a 7 night 8 day Tour with options for 3 night and 4 nights for those with less time. It was designed for those that love beautiful landscapes like none other in the world. This tour snakes through the breathtaking Atlas Mountains. A fully supported tour that is conducted at your pace. Though structured on the outside this tour is transformed with your input. Take your time or pedal fast through the fresh air of the Atlas Mountains.  Sit and drink Moroccan tea while viewing valleys, peaks, donkeys, and sheep. Escape reality and go back in time with pages written long ago, but never updated with tours both in the Atlas Mountains and in Marrakech. Our tour provides high quality Giant Bicycles, transportation to and from the airport, 3 meals a day, hydration, snacks, safety, a professional local guide, AXS support vehicle, and award winning accommodations. We’ve partnered with Domaine Malika and Ksar Shama to add to the wonderful experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. Join us. 

1,950 Euros for 7 nights/8 days on a shared room basis-400 Euro for single supplement
1,160 Euros for 4 nights/5 days on a shared room basis-230 Euro for single supplement.
680   Euros for 3 nights/4 days on a shared room basis.-160 Euro for single supplement.

Click here for the PDF of Peaks and Valley’s of the High Atlas

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High Altitude Atlas Mountain Cycling Camp

AXS has designed the High Altitude Atlas Mountain Cycling week long camps for riders year around. The accommodating weather of Marrakech allows those to train here when they cannot train at home. We have conducted our cycling camps for the novice to the professional rider. We will gather information from the riders themselves then package a camp that will leave you not only in a better riding condition, but with memories that you will always cherish. High end Giant Road Bikes will be supplied for training or you can bring your own. An AXS support vehicle follows at a safe distance loaded with all natural fruits, snacks, water, and all tools and accessories to make sure you’re ride is never sidelined. Also the AXS support vehicle will pick you up and drop you off at the Marrakech Menara airport. Authentic Moroccan cuisine always an option with the 3 meals a day that will be provided for you. Majestic Atlas Mountain terrain provides views and altitudes found in very view places on earth. With rides going up to 2600 meters we know the challenge is here for those wishing to pursue it. We will have you sleeping at altitudes of between 2600 to 1800 meters and then training between at altitudes 500 to 1000 meters below all depending on your goals. You will increase muscle buffer capacity and submaximal cycling efficiency. Living high and training low altitude exposure enhances anaerobic energy capacity.  Come join us and get better. Contact us for pricing on your customized cycling camp. 

Photo of the Argan Sports van filled with spares and tools and food
Argan Sports Riders together with a UK pro cycle team in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco
Photo of the Argan Sports van filled with spares and too


Testimonials on our cycling camp.

Below are a few words from professional riders from the Starley Primal Pro Cycling Team. These athletes came to train with us for a week here in Marrakech to support our annual charity ride the Marrakech Atlas Etape.

“Last February, I and my Starley Primal team mates travelled to Marrakech, Morocco to train as a team for our up coming cycling season. We stayed up in the Atlas mountains at altitude so that we would gain maximum benefit from training out there. Already marrakech is 500meters above sea level so we didn’t have to go too far to feel the affects of the altitude. During our stay, we checked the route for the famous “Ouka Monster” climb that climes to above 2600 meters above sea level. During my stay there, I managed to clock the fastest time so far of 2 hours 55 minutes from Marrakech to the top. The views were incredible from start to finish. The sheer scaled of the hills was breath taking enough with out actually riding! The hill wasn’t too steep but as you can see from the time, it goes on for quite a while. As you climb higher and higher you feel the air getting thinner. Its not too bad as long as you keep within your limits. When you reach the higher slopes, the scenery becomes more dramatic with an alpine feel to them. Also the drop in temperature is crazy compared to the bottom. All in all i think it was a great route for us to ride. If you get the chance to ride the Atlas atape sportive, I thoroughly recommend it! Just make sure you bring some cool weather clothes for the top!” -Jack Pullar-Starley Primal Pro Cycling Rider

Photo of pro rider Jack Puller who rode with Argan Sports in Marrakech
Argan Sports Pro Rider Jack Pullar


“A few years back i went traveling through Morocco and remember thinking when I passed over the atlas mountains how amazing it would be to ride some of these roads, and just what a perfect training ground it would be, nice quite roads with huge mountains and serious heat. So I could not believe that   this is now possible via Argan Sports. The mountains contain some of the largest climbs around with peaks around the 2600 mark, coupled with the Sahara weather and the ability to live up in altitudes higher than 1700 meters its difficult to fault anything  with Morocco as a training camp. For days where you have had enough of the mountains just head down towards marrakech or cycle along the valley roads, it just has everything. The biggest positive for me was that not only was this an amazing training camp its also was a life experience. the culture is so different and its a fantastic opportunity to see this first hand, and with the Moroccans being so welcoming makes it that much easier to experience there way of living. I  know for certain Morocco will be my first choice for a training camp from here on and I’m sure in a few years time Morocco and the Atlas mountains will be the next craze in training destination, its only a matter of time as when you come out and try you wont find anything to fault it. Thank you so much guys!”
-Jamie Caldwell-Starley Primal Pro Cycling Rider


“What can I say?..my time in Morocco was awesome!! The roads, weather, scenery and lest I forget the people were amazing! Those combined with staying at altitude makes Morocco an amazing winter training ground and I shall definitely return! The Ouka Monster, is a beast if you race it but completed at your own pace, it is enjoyable and a complete must! You really feel like you’re cycling to the top of the world, pretty breathtaking (and that’s not jus the view!)! We went to one of the girls’ Education For All schools which the event is supporting and I was touched, it is a very worthy cause which the event is supporting. Challenge yourself and attack the monster!” 
–Jennifer Taylor-Starley Primal Pro Cycling Rider
Portrait photo of AXS pro rider Jamie Caldwell
Portrait photo of AXS pro rider Jennifer Taylor


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