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The AXS Story

The idea of AXS was born in 2009 when co-founder Timothy approached co-founder Saif with his idea of starting a bike shop. After a few months of intense planning, Saif closed his mortgage banking office. He shed his coat, tie,  and sold (just about) all of his earthly belongings. Saif moved to Marrakech in October of 2010 to make AXS into a reality. Not only to start a business but he was moving back to many generations of family that has its roots in Marrakech.
In 2010, Saif and Timothy traveled to Taiwan to find a bicycle company to work with. They could choose any bike company in the world to represent in Morocco. They chose Giant, who agreed to supply their extraordinary bikes. A 165 bike touring fleet was built for tours and rentals, along with the AXS bicycle shop. Exclusive Distribution rights for Morocco were also given to AXS from Giant.
Saif also had the opportunity to attend United Bicycle Institute in Portland, where he reunited with his incredibly talented high school friend and former lead Nike shoe designer John Hlavacs, who designed the AXS logo.  AXS started the trend of working with incredible partners.
On July 25, 2011 the official AXS shop opened in Marrakech. AXS began to build a team that would soon become the AXS family.
The AXS vision is to be the best touring company they can be by providing great products with Xtreme customer service. Simultaneously providing a sustainable, Eco-friendly way for people who want to experience beautiful Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains.
AXS gives back a percentage of every dirham brought in to its charity arm Argana Association for Human Development.
Argana Association for Human Development was founded by AXS chairman and Mom Silvia Madden aka “the boss of the family”….Join us and road ride, mountain bike, trek, paddle board and more in Marrakech. Find out why touring in Morocco is an experience of a lifetime.

People Behind

Photo of Silvia of Argan Sports clapping



Immage of Saif co-founder of Argan Sports


Co-Founder, Guide

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Co-Founder, Guide


VP, Tour Operations


Sales, Guide


Sales, Guide

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Mechanic, Guide


Associate, Guide


Expert Mountain Guide


Photo of a cartoon goat wearing a red sweater

ARGY is half man, half goat and he is the official mascot of AXS. He was born on February 26, 2010, which makes him relatively young in human years, but in goat years he’s probably  in his late teens.

Argy’s mind is a constant battleground occupied by his human half and goat half, and the only true release he has found thus far is through riding bikes. His current favorite bike is the Giant Reign

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